Hot Rolled Steel Coil

  • Hot rolled low carbon steel - 副本 - 副本
Hot rolled low carbon steel - 副本 - 副本

Hot rolled low carbon steel - 副本 - 副本

  • Hot rolled low carbon steel
  • Hot rolled low carbon steel
  • Hot rolled low carbon steel
  • Hot rolled low carbon steel
  • Product description: We are a professional Hot rolled low carbon steel manufacturer and supplier of China. we can supply Hot rolled low carbon steel in good quality and best price for the market all over the world.

[ Grade & Standard ]

Hot rolled low carbon steel Suitable for manufacturing of cold formed parts
Common structure steel For common structure of construction, bridges, ships&vessels and auto mobiles
Weldable structure steel For structures requiring fine weldability used in buildings bridges, ships & vessals, autombiles, petroleum tanks and construction machines
Hot rolled steel plate for barrel of concret mixing vehicle
Weldable high strength steel plate, used for presure vessel, oil tank, construction, machine mining machine and pressure water pipe
Mechanical structure steel Gor mechanical structures machined and heat treated before use
Fine grain structure steel Fine grain structure steel suitble for welding
Strip steel for steel tube For welded tube
Automobile structure steel For automobile structures requiring fine formability and machinability including automobile frames and wheels
Hot rolled strip for cold-formed parts, such as main frame and other structure parts of automobile with high strength and good cold formability
Hot rolled strip with good cold formability for automobile's wheels, rims and spokes
Appilicable to manufacturing of auto drive shaft tube
Appilicable to manufacturing of auto frame and cross beam
Boiler & pressure vessel Able to ensure the mechanical prorerties at high temperature and aplicabele to steam boiler and equipment and the other high pressure vessel at high operating temperature
Applicable to the welded gas bottle
Vesel structure steel Available to satisfy the classification of the vessel societies of different countries
Weather proof steel Applocable to manufacturing of the structures like container, railway vehicle, petroleum deck, engineering machinery which require weather proof property
Sulfuric acid proof steel Applicable to manufacturing of the vessel for the medium containing hydro-sulphuric acid
Sea water proof steel Applicable to manufacturing of the structure like petroleum deck,vessel, harbour building.
High weather proof structure steel Applicable to manufacturing of vehicle ,container, building and other structural parts.
Thickness high performance steel Applicable to manufacturing of petroleum deck and other structure requiring thickness high performance, due to its good resistance against lamcllar tearing
Hardened surface steel As ahigh purity low carbon steel plate, it is applocable to manufacturing of the structure of high hardness in surface and high tensile in core which is processed through surface cementation or nitration, theb hardened by quenching
High toughness line steel High toughness line steel and wide hot strip for spiral welding of petroleum tansport line
Straight welding casing steel Aplicable to manufacturing of stright welding oil casing
Checked Bean shape chaked steel plate
Hot rolled wide strip for bike Applicable to manufacturing the bike structral parts like uper, lower, and rear connection, front fork, front face-plate, chain rolling handle bar, cross tube, center shaft
Hot rolled coil for pipeline Applicable to petroleum and natural gas pipeline

[ Scope of supply ]
Variety Thickness Width Length ( or inner diameter of coil)
Steel plate Trimmed 1.2~25.4 550~1850 2000~12000 (t<5)
Non-trimmed 600~1900 2000~16000 (t?5)
Steel sheet Trimed 1.2~12.7 550~1850 760+20~760-70
(Inner diameter)
Non-trimmed 1.2~25.4 600~1900
Slit strip 1.2~12.7 120~900

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