Galvanized iron

  • cold rolled steel HC180CA HC220CA HC260CA
cold rolled steel HC180CA HC220CA HC260CA

cold rolled steel HC180CA HC220CA HC260CA

  • (1)Steel Grade: DX51D, SGCC, S250, S350, ASTM A653, G550,Thickness: 0.13mm to 2.50mm (Tolerance +/- 0.02mm) , Width: 750mm to 1250mm (Tolerance+/-3mm)
  • (2)Zinc Coating: 40g/M2 to 275g/M2 ,Surface Treatment: Chromated, unoiled ,Regular Spangle,Regualr Spangle,Big Spangle,Coil ID: 508MM/610MM,Coil Weight: 4-22tons
  • (3)Hardness: HRB50-HRB90 ,Tensile Strength: 280--600Mpa
  • (4)Seaworthy Packing, Delivery by Container or by Bulk
  • Product description: China cold rolled steel HC180CA HC220CA HC260CA Suppliers and Manufacturer,We Professional Produce cold rolled steel HC180CA HC220CA HC260CA in good in quality and reasonable price,Welcome come to Inq
Ready-to-Paint allows direct painting on cold rolled steel without any surface treatment such as degreasing, phosphating or passivating, while offering equivalent or even better results in terms of paint adherence and corrosion resistance, thus resulting in significant savings.

Moreover, the use of this product can be extended to the replacement of 2.5/2.5 micron electrogalvanised products when a high degree of corrosion protection before painting is not required.

The product range 

Ready-to-Paint can be applied on:
Other grades possible on request
Thickness: 0.4 to 1.2 mm
Width: 600 to 1680 mm
The process

Ready-to-Paint is a coating that is continuously applied on both sides of cold rolled steel. Its role is to allow direct painting on the steel without any surface treatment: no need for degreasing, phosphating or passivating, for instance. The durability of painted parts is improved compared to Fe- or Zn-phosphating on both cold rolled steel and 2.5/2.5 micron electrogalvanised steel.

The benefits in a nutshell

Ready-to-Paint has the following advantages for the customer:
Direct paintability without degreasing, phosphating or any other surface treatment
Dry surface of the product, leading to improved safety conditions and cleanliness at the customer’s workshops
Temporary corrosion protection during transportation, storage and manufacturing equivalent to slightly oiled cold rolled steel
Compatible with manufacturing and assembling methods such as cutting, slitting, bending, profiling, light stamping, spot welding, seam welding and clinching
Compatible with customer painting methods: powder, cataphoresis
No heavy metals present in the coating
The use of this product results in substantial cost savings linked to:
The simplification of surface treatment:
Simplified process control
Lower wastewater treatment costs
The substitution of 2.5/2.5 micron electrogalvanised product by Ready-to-Paint cold rolled steel
Another consequence of eliminating surface treatment is a lower CO2 footprint and a positive impact on the environment.
The applications

Ready-to-Paint is suitable for a wide range of applications such as heating/ventilation/air conditioning, metallic furniture, shelving systems, electrical cabinets, partitions, appliances (especially fridges), drums, lifts etc.

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