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  • China GALVABOND steel
China GALVABOND steel

China GALVABOND steel

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  • Product description: China GALVABOND steel range designed for commercial forming and deep drawing applications with optional improved surface quality.
GALVABOND® steel products are produced in a continuous hot dip galvanised process and have been specifically designed to satisfy your manufacturing requirements with features including guaranteed minimum elongation properties and spangle surface. A range of different coating masses and pack sizes are available.

They also have strict adherence to Australian Standards so you can be confident GALVABOND® steel will meet your performance expectations.

GALVABOND® steel G2 and G2S steels
You can be assured that the GALVABOND® G2S steel remains free from fluting for up to three months after galvanising (under normal storage conditions). Suitable for general manufacturing purposes including
Tube formed products
Air conditioning ducts and panels
Metre boxes, trailers, cable trays
Scaffolding, planks, rendering mesh
Feeder troughs
GALVABOND® steel G3N and G3NS steels
You can have confidence in guarantee that they are non-ageing and free from stretcher strain. Designed specifically to meet the requirements of
Automotive components
Drawn appliance panels and components
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For all the details relating to these products please see the relevant datasheet below.

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