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  • Product description: CHINA DECKFORM steel DECKFORM zinc-coated high-tensile steel sets a new standard for structural steel decking in the building and construction industry.
DECKFORM® zinc-coated high-tensile steel sets a new standard for structural steel decking in the building and construction industry. Developed by BlueScope Steel specifically for the steel decking market, DECKFORM® steel delivers excellent durability and is backed by a a 10 year warranty* for DECKFORM® Z350 steel and a 15 year warranty* for DECKFORM® Z450 steel and nationwide technical support.
Greater Durability
The DECKFORM® steel base product has a Z350 zinc-coating mass. It was selected to provide superior corrosion protection in service, directly as a result of increased coating mass. DECKFORM® steel is also available with a Z450 coating mass with a 15 year warranty*. Comprehensive shear stud welding tests across a range of base thickness with both coating masses were undertaken to ensure consistent results can be achieved on site.
Unbeatable Strength
Steel and concrete composite slabs are lighter and stronger than most conventional slabs. The steel decking provides tensile reinforcement, combining with the compressive strength of the concrete for an all round stronger slab. Steel decking profiles are designed to prevent any longitudinal slip between the steel and concrete in the slab itself, and any transverse movement between the slab and supporting beams.
Greater Savings
The weight savings achieved in composite slabs can be passed on to other areas of the design, such as foundations. And because steel decking acts as permanent formwork, it can significantly reduce the need for propping or temporary formwork -saving both time and money.
Easy On-Site Handling
Steel decking is delivered to site in pre-cut lengths, and in pre-packaged bundles. The bundles can be easily craned into work areas, and the individual sheets quickly layed by hand. One truck can carry 1,000 sq metres of decking at a time, and a team can install up to 400 sq metres in a day.
Speedy, Safe Construction
A composite slab effectively acts as a safe working platform. Once the slab is poured, following trades can get on with their jobs below almost immediately. At the same time, work can continue unhindered on the floors above, allowing simple installation of services. Cable trays, ductwork and service pipes can be suspended neatly underneath the slab with purpose designed clips, brackets and hangers that locate easily and quickly into recesses in the steel decking profile.

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