Steel production capacity of Hebei "sample"

National Iron and Steel, coal industry to resolve the excess capacity of the second inspection team, the recent production capacity of Hebei Province to carry out special inspections. Inspection team in-depth Shijiazhuang City Mine Group Ruifeng Coal Industry, Xingtai City Longhai Steel, Huayuan Metallurgy, Handan Iron and Steel, Handan Coal Mine Group, Cannes 9 field inspection.
Inspect the group that the Hebei Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government to seriously implement the national steel and coal industry to resolve the excess capacity policy measures, innovative ideas and methods, refinement of decomposition tasks, standardize the use of funds, secure placement of workers, solidly promote the "three special action" Do a good job of information disclosure and archives management, to production work has made significant progress.
In early September, "China Metallurgical News" reporter visited the two major steel mills in Hebei Province - Tangshan, Handan, and Shijiazhuang, Xingtai and other places, the steel industry in Hebei Province to the capacity situation in-depth understanding.
"Trilogy" to promote production capacity into the fast lane
Hebei Province, one-third of the country's steel production capacity to bear the task, known as the "go to steel production samples." In May of this year, Hebei Province in the steel production capacity to tackle tough battle mobilization meeting, the production capacity of military writers, 2016 commitment to 17.26 million tons of iron smelting capacity reduction, 14.22 million tons of steel production capacity, far higher than the national task standards. It is understood that, as of the end of August, the province's total reduction of 6.71 million tons of iron production capacity, steel production capacity of 4.93 million tons, accounting for 64.6% of the national task and 60.1%.
Reporter learned from the Hebei Provincial Development and Reform Commission, "Hebei Province in 2016 to resolve the excess capacity of steel monthly plan" relates to eight cities, 39 steel prices of iron and steel production capacity. According to this plan to implement in place, is expected to end of November, Hebei Province will be out of iron production capacity of 18.4 million tons, steel production capacity of 16 million tons, exceeding the province's annual plan tasks without suspense.
"This year the state put pressure on steel production capacity, in the history of the most stringent policy background, from the central to local governments, to steel mills are tightening the nerves of Hebei Province, the pressure reduction of steel production capacity must be full force, speed Into the fast lane. "Tangshan Iron and Steel Association, an industry expert on the" China Metallurgical News "reporter said.
According to "China Metallurgical News" reporter observed this year, Hebei Province, steel production capacity to reduce pressure has three characteristics: First, the pressure reduction task to the city and district distribution, mainly private steel enterprises; Second, the first half of the production process to lower than expected, Speed; third is to the overall level of production higher than the country.
The first half of this year, Hebei Province, steel production capacity to lag behind schedule progress. Into the second half, Hebei Province, how to make steel to go into the fast lane it? In Handan, a number of steel industry and journalists conducted a communication, said the steel production capacity will be divided into four steps into the fast lane. The first step is to create conditions. In the first half, to focus on production capacity to deploy the task, the decomposition of the objectives and tasks, the introduction of supporting policies, the replacement of the financial special award funding. The second step, stop watching. To the beginning of the introduction of production capacity policy, steel enterprises face revenue reduction, staff diversion and other challenges, the local government in the protection of the economy and the implementation of central policy difficult to decide between, with a variety of subsidies details are not clear, so the parties are in wait and see, wandering . With the production capacity-related policies have been introduced, Hebei Province, the speed of production began to accelerate. The third step, subsidies. At present, most of the pressure reduction plan in the steel production capacity is in a state of cut-off, for enterprises, in the pressure reduction at the same time can apply for subsidies to production capacity, which makes steel prices have reduced production capacity power. The fourth step, supervision and guidance. Into August, the province's cities in full swing to steel production capacity to implement, with the national inspection team to the field inspection, Hebei Province, to increase the intensity of production capacity.
Undertake an unannounced visit to ban the closure of iron and steel equipment has been resumed production
Hebei Province, Hebei Province, a steel industry experts on the "China Metallurgical News" reporter explained that the current steel production capacity of a serious excess of the excess capacity of the steel industry in Hebei Province, Hebei Province, the production capacity, In the background, productivity and yield are not positively correlated. Capacity can be through national policies, market mechanisms, economic instruments, laws and regulations and other means to gradually reduce, but the output is a reasonable capacity utilization, determined by the market demand. Hebei Province to go to production capacity is not only "go", but also focus on production capacity to promote the optimization and upgrading of the industry to promote enterprises to improve quality and efficiency.
Xingtai, a private steel enterprises from the economic analysts pointed out that from 2012 onwards, Hebei crude steel production has been 1.8 million tons, no major increase in some years there have been negative growth.
It is understood that in recent years, Hebei Province, the introduction of strict national standards of local atmospheric environmental standards to play the standard of the excess capacity of the Forced to withdraw from the role for the improvement of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei atmospheric environment to contribute. "China Metallurgical News" reporter in Handan, Xingtai research, some steel traders said that this year the relevant state departments and Hebei Province has organized numerous thorough investigation, the 2013 ~ 2015 21 enterprises closed 21 blast furnaces, 19 One by one continuous inspection converter, were not found to resume production situation. At the same time, Hebei Province issued a notice, and resolutely prohibit illegal construction of new steel production capacity and has closed production of steel equipment. Otherwise, the local party and government leaders, will take the first removal, and then investigate and deal with.
Hebei Province, vigorously resolve the excess capacity for upgrading products to mention the file also has a significant effect.
"Hebei steel industry has obvious competitive advantage, is the advantage industry." Hebei Province Metallurgical Industry Association Vice President and Secretary-General Wang Dayong told reporters. Hebei Jinxi Iron and Steel Group Sales Company Deputy Manager Zhao Yichen said the first half of this year, Hebei Province, a substantial increase in the economic efficiency of the steel industry, sales profit margin of 3.02%, profit 15.060 billion yuan, an increase of 181.3%.
The first half of this year, steel prices, a number of large steel prices at full capacity, a number of small steel prices resume production, to the work of production to bring great challenges and impact. In order to eliminate the interference of price to production capacity, Tangshan City in production capacity to adhere to the "two in place": First, in place. Must be clearly aware of rising steel prices is to go to production capacity and market expectations of the impact of decline in production capacity, a serious surplus of the fundamentals have not changed, steel prices do not have the basis for continued growth, to production confidence and determination can not be shaken. The second is to put the responsibilities and tasks in place. In order to ensure the scheduled completion of production capacity tasks, we must continue to strictly control the new production capacity, and resolutely investigate and deal with various forms of illegal and illegal issues, the implementation of the end of the report reporting system, and do a good job placement, debt handling and use of funds, Not move forward to capacity.
To the production capacity "strategic outline" focus on six key
To the end of November to complete the annual objectives and tasks, Hebei Province, Yuan Tongli, deputy governor, said the inspection team will be the national supervision as an opportunity to control the inspection team's questions and suggestions, one by one to develop rectification program, the establishment of And actively promote the Wuan, Qianan and other places to capacity practices, and strengthen the standard Daobi, the monthly pressure reduction plan to strengthen supervision and inspection to ensure the completion of the country to complete the production capacity to the objectives and tasks.
"China Metallurgical News" reporter interviewed in the study found that Hebei Province to go into full capacity of steel production has been crucial to observe its capacity to "strategic framework", the following six key:
One is to go to the production capacity of funds. Hebei Province in order to reduce the financial pressure on steel production capacity to strictly implement the requirements of the Ministry of Finance in a timely manner will be given to the state grant funds to the provinces and autonomous regions directly under the county (city), the development of Hebei Province to resolve excess steel production capacity In addition to the state to give the award of funds, the Hebei Province and then press the 10,000 tons per ton of iron production capacity to make up 250,000 yuan award, in addition to more than 40,000 tons of converter, more than 30 tons of electric furnace, Each pressure reduction by 10,000 tons of steel production capacity award 300,000 yuan to compensate the standard award. According to statistics, Hebei Province is studying the formulation of "on the multi-channel financing to resolve excess steel production capacity guidance," according to government guidance, market operation, the principle of voluntary enterprises to be part of the "national support for all levels of finance to take part, Mutual aid to raise part of "the establishment of iron and steel production out of the compensation mechanism to the stock of production capacity to compensate for the withdrawal of production capacity, and promote steel production capacity to the core competitiveness of enterprises.
Second, there are policies to protect workers placement. Hebei Province took the lead in the introduction of the "do a good job on iron and steel industry to resolve the excess capacity of the placement of workers, such as the implementation of the views of the implementation of" 10 specific measures introduced to resolve the iron and steel industry, such as excess capacity of the placement of workers operating methods, Incident prevention and emergency response plans and other supporting documents 4, forming a "total of four points," the policy system. At the same time, the province also to the stability of workers as the primary channel for the placement of workers, to the end of July 142 enterprises have been issued to the stability of subsidies to 592 million yuan, benefiting 25.85 million workers.
The third is to carry out capacity to focus on demolition action. "China Metallurgical News" reporter in Tangshan learned that this year, Hebei Province, Tangshan City, issued to resolve the task of iron and steel production capacity of 764 million tons of iron production capacity, steel production capacity of 7.23 million tons. To ensure the completion of the task, Tangshan City, developed a "Tangshan Iron and Steel Industry to the rapid transformation of the steel industry to implement the program," the task decomposition to the relevant county, city, district, and asked around the combination of iron and steel industry restructuring to implement the business and equipment. This year, Tangshan City has organized three times to resolve the excess capacity to focus action. August 27, Tangshan City, the third time this year to resolve the steel production capacity of the demolition action. On the same day, Tangshan City, respectively, Fengnan Bainite steel mill to remove a 600 cubic meters of blast furnace and Luanxian Xinglong Steel Plant a 450 cubic meters of blast furnace, iron production capacity to dissolve 1. .5 Million tons; demolished Fengnan Steel 45 tons Converter 1, to dissolve 650,000 tons of steel production capacity. Wang, deputy mayor of Tangshan City, said: "The scene will be in the form of unfinished Tangshan City to resolve the task of the county, city, district head to the demolition site, is to give the counties, Pressure to encourage confidence and determination to ensure that the end of October to complete the annual solution (excess capacity). "Up to now, Tangshan City, a total of over 2.24 million tons of iron production capacity, steel production capacity of 4.26 million tons. Tangshan will be in September and October to continue to carry out concentrated production capacity to dismantle action, staring at the target does not relax.
Four is to promote the advantages of capacity "going out." "China Metallurgical News" reporter was informed in Handan, Hebei Iron and Steel Group, the new Wuan Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. and MCC Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of MCC Overseas Engineering Co., Ltd. signed a memorandum of cooperation, the two sides will jointly invest in Malaysia to build steel projects. This is the Hebei Province to promote steel production capacity "going out" for international capacity cooperation is an important achievement.
Fifth, the "three cities" will be no steel forward. In the elimination of excess capacity at the same time, Hebei Province, Zhangjiakou, Baoding, Langfang City, will study and formulate all steel production capacity to exit the program, to steel-free forward.
Six is to accelerate the pace of mergers and acquisitions. Hebei Province will accelerate the merger and reorganization of iron and steel enterprises, and strive to form in 2020 to Hegang, Shougang two groups as a leader, three local groups as the focus, about 10 characteristics of enterprises to support the "2310" steel industry pattern.
related news
Fourteenth inspection group field supervision Yu steel
Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Lanzhou Municipal Industrial and Information Commission, the morning of September 24, to the Ministry of Housing and Urban and Rural Construction Minister Chen Zhengao as the head of the State Council, the third large inspector of the 14th inspection team, to resolve the Lanzhou excess steel production capacity Work on-site inspection.
On the same day, the inspection team and his party on-site supervision Yu steel company to resolve the excess capacity project, Yu steel company a project power plant dismantling, archives site to view. Up to now, Yu steel company has eliminated a two 420 cubic meters of blast furnace, two 40 tons of converter and supporting facilities, active reduction of pig iron production capacity of 1 million tons, crude steel production capacity of 1.4 million tons. This is the adjustment of the steel industry in Lanzhou City, to promote the upgrading of traditional industries is of great significance, but also marks the completion of Lanzhou City, ahead of schedule to resolve the annual surplus steel production capacity tasks. Next, the Urumqi Iron and Steel Company for a 1.4 million tons of crude steel production capacity of the transfer to Jamaica, the Lanzhou steel production capacity to achieve international cooperation.
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