Steel exports for two consecutive months of exports to change days?

September 2016, China exported 8.8 million tons of steel, down 22%, down 2.3%, which is the second consecutive month fell sharply for the third consecutive month of decline in exports in September is the last 7 months To the lowest level. The first three quarters of total exports of steel 85.12 million tons, an increase of 2.4% or 2.02 million tons. In accordance with the current export situation, this year's total exports are expected to be lower than last year.
At the same time, the last three months, iron and steel imports have maintained an upward trend, although the incremental is not large, but also reflects the domestic price increases, some users increased the proportion of foreign resources.
As the overall domestic steel prices rose this year, the export competitiveness of the decline, some varieties of steel and South America, the CIS and Iran, the price is no advantage, especially after July this phenomenon is more obvious. And this year, foreign demand has not significantly improved, while foreign anti-dumping of Chinese steel also intensified. Therefore, some people believe that if the government continues to capacity, steel exports will decline significantly later. However, there are people in the industry, said China's steel production capacity, the whole species, with scale advantages, long-term steel exports will remain competitive, the current phenomenon is only temporary.
So what will happen later? On this topic, in the October 21 meeting of the "2016 China Steel Export Summit Forum", from the China Steel Association's leadership from the direction of this year's iron and steel export situation analysis, forecasting late changes. From Hongzhong Iron and Steel, Hebei Yuxuan and Fu Haixin and other enterprises in charge of export leadership will be in the forum session for this wonderful discussion.
The current session of the registration link has come to an end, from Pohang, dedicated, Xinda, Jiuquan, Hangang, Jianlong, Friends of the Thai steel, Cargill, heavenly things, Zhejiang, Shangyang and the material and other major steel Factories and major foreign trade companies have more than 100 participants, whether it is to create business opportunities or strengthen cooperation, is a good opportunity.
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