Jinan Iron and Steel brewing production capacity of large migration "big change" prospect geometry?

Abstract: It is confirmed by many parties that Shan Gang has formed a concrete plan for Jinan Steel to adjust the sunshine production capacity to the coastal city and reported it to Shandong Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, which can only be implemented after the final consideration by the Standing Committee of Shandong Provincial Committee
Shandong steel industry is brewing a big change.
Jinan Iron and Steel Group (hereinafter referred to as the "Mountain Steel"), Jinan Iron and Steel's fate has gradually become clear. The multi-confirmed, mountain steel for the coastal city of Jinan Iron and Steel production capacity adjustment has formed a set of specific programs, reported to the Shandong provincial government, only the final consideration of the Standing Committee of Shandong Provincial Party Committee can be implemented.
At the same time, Jinan Iron and Steel Company's Jinan Iron and Steel Company has begun the first batch of collective registration, is preparing to be under construction in the steel company Rizhao large relocation.
Shandong Iron and Steel industry's largest ever adjustment is about to start.
Recently, the Jinan Iron and Steel Group, Jinan Iron and Steel Branch Zhang Jun (the interviewer asked, a pseudonym) consider repeated, or in a registration form signed his name. When this form turned over, his heart can not tell the complex.
Zhang Jun moved from the field here, in Jinan Iron and Steel in more than 10 years, has long been in Jinan to have a wife and children, home ownership. But now, he will hand the application form handed over, perhaps in the first half of next year will leave Jinan Iron and Steel, hundreds of kilometers away to the mountain steel Rizhao Iron and Steel Company off-site employment.
From August 16, 2016, the mountain steel in the Jinan Iron and Steel Company Jinan Branch, Jinan Iron and Steel Group, Laiwu Branch, Laiwu Steel Group, organized the first batch of large-scale application. With the progress of the construction of quality steel base, the number of workers required by Rizhao Iron and Steel Company of Shantou Steel increased sharply.
The application will be transferred for the mountain steel company operating personnel positions Rizhao 2673 people, mainly in Jinan, a total of 1873 people assigned index. After the registration is still subject to review, grouping, drawing lots, interviews, and ultimately determine the list of personnel. Personnel will be deployed with the Mountain Steel Rizhao company signed a labor contract, arranged in batches to the post.
Jinan Iron and Steel to tens of thousands of workers in the post feel uneasy, this is not an irrelevant choice. In the unit leadership to mobilize, brought a bad news - the future Jinan Iron and Steel plant area no longer retain any steel production capacity. This means that, if you refuse to apply to Rizhao Steel, the steelmaking workers will lose their existing jobs.
The good news is that in order to mobilize the Jinan Iron and Steel workers to register, if the workers through the interview after the interview with the Group and the plant can be paid 3,000 yuan in cash awards.
Zhang Jun was caught in a dilemma. To stay with his family, but after the relocation of Jinan Iron and Steel production capacity, there will be no more familiar with the placement of jobs, forty-year-old go to great difficulty to change; change Rizhao company to continue the existing work, but bound To separate with their families.
Zhang Jun tangled on behalf of a considerable number of Jinan Iron and Steel workers mentality. A group of people admitted that the mountain, "Laiwu Steel workers generally higher than the enthusiasm of the registration of Jinan Iron and Steel. Because from the provincial capital of Shandong will be moved to third-tier cities are not everyone voluntarily, and Laiwu Laiwu is located in mountainous areas, the difficulty of relocation is small Much more. "
A family balance, in order to survive Zhang Jun finally completed the "rolling" of the post, anxious to pay the registration form up. Zhang Jun is still some concern that he can adapt to the new work environment, the future employment treatment, how long to go home to reunite once, the family can adapt to this change ... ... the future is full of unknown.
Mountain Steel Rizhao, a source of the Ministry of Manpower, according to the construction plan, the first batch of Rizhao Iron and Steel boutique base will be put into operation in August 2017. Before the first batch of registration personnel should be all to the post, to adapt to new posts, installation and commissioning equipment, for the post to shunt personnel will have a thousand dollars a month rental subsidies.
According to preliminary statistics, the first batch of four companies under the Mountain Steel registered a total of more than 3900. With the construction process of sunshine and Jinan Iron and Steel Company to promote the relocation of the future will be carried out within the mountain of steel within the company for several rounds of sunshine personnel diversion.
At the same time, Mountain Steel Group is also in full swing for the Jinan Iron and Steel production capacity adjustment for the preparation. Previously, Jinan Iron and Steel in Shandong steel industry transformation and upgrading of the planning has been only eliminate backward production capacity, there is no move to move.
In the early days, the management of Shan Gang Group has gone to Shougang and other domestic steel mills to learn the experience of capacity relocation, and has initially drawn up a list of working group members involved in capacity adjustment. In order to ensure the operation of sunshine project, in July 2016, Mountain Steel has given priority to relocate the 4300mm wide plate production line and 210 tons converter steelmaking system of Jinan Steel Company to Jinan Rizhao.
Shan Gang, an insider, the group and the Shandong Provincial SASAC and other departments after several amendments, improve, for the Jinan Iron and Steel formed a capacity adjustment program, has been reported to the Shandong provincial government, only the Provincial Standing Committee For its final consideration. According to the report of the program, the future of Jinan Iron and Steel will only retain urban services, business and other business segments, no longer retain any steel production capacity.
At present, tens of thousands of workers such as Zhang Jun is facing a large migration of off-site employment, the survival of more than half a century of Jinan Iron and Steel is about to usher in a major adjustment of production capacity, the entire steel industry in Shandong pattern will also be a major mutation . At first, and perhaps no one can expect, all the key variables is due to the weight of environmental protection.
As early as 5 years ago, Shandong has become the country's only steel industry reform pilot provinces, the core content of the reform is to adjust the industrial structure, with fine steel to replace backward production capacity. To this end, Shandong Province, the largest steel project ever planned - 20 million tons of sunshine quality steel base.
The project launched a premise: the entire Shandong will release 20 million tons of backward production capacity, of which Jinan Iron and Steel from more than 10 million tons to 5.6 million tons, to ensure that the total amount of steel in Shandong unchanged. Since 2012, the global steel prices plummeted, the market is depressed, the construction of the mountain steel sunshine quality steel base is also dragged on.
Until the end of 2015, in the environmental stress, a haze, the Jinan up to the mayor, down to the people have called for, there will be half a century of pollution large - Jinan Iron and Steel moved out of Jinan. As a result, thousands of workers, Jinan Iron and Steel Group, as well as the pattern of the steel industry in Shandong are one of the changes to accelerate the layout to the coast. "This is for the long-term development of the mountain, is an opportunity." Shan Gang Group, an insider, and now, the steel situation is in the doldrums, at this time for Jinan Iron and Steel production capacity adjustment, upgrades can minimize losses; At the same time, the voice of the reform of state-owned enterprises, mountain steel transformation and upgrading has a strong policy support. Once the reform is completed, the industry improved, the development prospects of the mountain will be a bright future.
When a steel mill is built, it is often in the remote suburbs. When the urban area is getting bigger and bigger and the population is more and more, the pollution of the environment by the steel mills and the occupation of resources are becoming an obstacle to urban development. From the national point of view, there have been steel out of the city, forming a wave of steel mills to move.
Jinan Iron and Steel, such as the smooth relocation of Rizhao, Shan Gang Group will be able to complete the upgrading of product structure optimization, while sunshine has the country's largest iron ore terminal, to further reduce product costs.
At present, Jinan Iron and Steel production needs of iron ore imports from abroad, the products also need to export, this "big in large out" mode of transportation costs are high. Shandong Iron and Steel industry, an authoritative figure estimates, Jinan Iron and Steel imported iron ore to Shandong port, and then transported to the Mainland to be 100 yuan, the cost of finished products shipped back to the port will have to double. The production capacity to move to the coast, only one year will be able to save a freight more than 10 billion profit.
However, in the short term, the relocation of Jinan Iron and Steel production capacity, mountain steel industry upgrade is a painful and difficult problem. At present, Jinan Iron and Steel existing capacity of 5.6 million tons, but once as high as more than 10 million tons, is ranked sixth in the national steel mills. After the elimination of backward, Jinan Iron and Steel production capacity by half, but the staff, assets, equipment, but is still the structure of large domestic steel mills.
Iron and steel industry analyst Du Xiuzhi pointed out that the relocation of steel from the national experience, Jinan Iron and Steel to the transfer of sunshine there are two major problems, first, a large number of personnel need to be placed, one huge investment needs.
According to statistics, Jinan Iron and Steel workers up to 5 million people, of whom more than 20,000 retirees, serving about 30,000 workers. According to 2018 to reach 1,000 tons of steel / (person-year) goal, sunshine fine steel base of 20 million tons of all completed only 20,000 workers. Clearly, Jinan Iron and Steel so many in-service workers can not make all with the production of migration. How to resettle the employment of employees, to ensure the stability of the people, has become the relocation of Jinan Iron and Steel, the transformation and upgrading of the mountain the primary problem.
At present, the Mountain Steel Group has introduced the "Interim Measures for internal retirement," but also to seek the help and support of the local government, trying to resettle the surplus through various channels.
The capacity of the relocation, personnel placement and the transfer of social functions of enterprises need a huge amount of money, can guarantee the source of funds will be facing another major mountain of steel problems.
Previously, Shougang, a management of the media, said the relocation of enterprises in Beijing Shougang production capacity is reduced year by year, and Caofeidian modern plant construction year after year, "the shift." Equivalent to the reconstruction of Caofeidian a "new Shougang", the big move is expected to cost 50 billion yuan.
Today, a widely circulated inside and outside the mountain of steel that the demolition of Jinan Iron and Steel capital needs of about 40 billion yuan. So heavily dependent on the Government, enterprises are difficult to pay into any party, to be multi-financing to solve. But once any one of the funds supply is not enough or not timely, it will cause a huge test of Jinan Iron and Steel production capacity adjustment.
In the September 20 issue of Shandong Steel published in the "Shandong Iron and Steel", "in the family reunion Mid-Autumn Festival, Rizhao Iron and Steel boutique base plant area, cold rolling, hot rolling, steelmaking, iron making, coking and other areas, Roaring, flags fluttering, thousands of construction workers adhere to the site in the mu, rapid construction of quality base.
A Shandong provincial government official told reporters that in the study of the relocation of Jinan Iron and Steel is generally a concern, fear of huge amounts of money to relocate to the sunshine, the steel situation in the doldrums, Steel Group's profitability is still in the foreseeable future.
Today, large steel mills in China in order to get out of trouble almost all get together in the boutique steel project, once the market saturation, supply and demand reversed, even if there are boutique steel prices and profits plummeted worries.
Analyst Du Xiuzhi pointed out that a wide range of fine steel referred to itself is a general statement. Iron and steel production of the product range is important to whether the profitability, but when most companies are in the layout of fine steel, this advantage will be lost. Du Xiuzhi that can really make a steel mill to win a competitive advantage, the key to profit or lies in the management of enterprises, the management of the people, which is precisely depends on the mountain is carrying out the mechanism, the system reform to a fundamental solution.
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