In late September, average daily output of crude steel of key steel enterprises was 17.09 million tons

According to the China Steel Association statistics, in late September the average daily output of crude steel steel enterprises 1.7209 million tons, the chain late last year to reduce 53,300 tons, down 3%. Based on this estimate, the average daily crude steel output in the country was 2.2754 million tons, down by 1.89%. In September, the cumulative output of the key enterprises was 1,736,800 tons, down by 0.63% from the previous month and 219.93 tons for the whole country, down 0.57% from the previous month.
As of late September, the key steel enterprises steel stocks to 13,152,600 tons, compared with the previous one to reduce 1.041 million tons, a decline of 7.33%.
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