And "Hebei Iron and Steel" merger bathing? Shougang announced that termination of planning major issues

Shougang Group Co., Ltd. issued the "Notice on Termination of Significant Events and Resumption of the Company's Shares", the Company's controlling shareholder, Shougang Corporation, after careful consideration, decided to terminate the plan in view of the immaturity and uncertainties of the relevant major issues. Major events.
Prior to September 13, Shougang has announced that, due to the controlling shareholder of Shougang Corporation is planning on the company's major issues, since the September 13 opening application for suspension. According to media reports, Shougang or Hebei Iron and Steel merger, the creation of the Northern Iron and Steel Group.
In the announcement, Shougang on the termination of this important matter to explain the reasons, "by the parties argued that the implementation of the conditions of this important matter is not yet mature, there is uncertainty." And said, "the termination of the planning of major issues on the company's current results No impact, nor will the company's normal production and operations have an adverse impact. "Shougang stock will be held on September 29 from the resumption of trading opened.
Compared to Baosteel and Wuhan Iron and Steel "ripe", Shougang and Hebei Iron and Steel restructuring of the road seems to have been thorny.
According to the 21st century economic reports have cited the steel industry sources, "in the last round of state-owned enterprise reform process, the restructuring process of Hebei Iron and Steel Industry, Hegang tried to merge Shougang, but the integration between the difficulty is too large, "The main difficulty lies in the division of interests between the government and enterprises and the distribution of internal management.
I steel network analyst Xu Xiangchun, said Baosteel and Wuhan Iron and Steel are central enterprises, in a unified system, many problems easily resolved; but under the Hebei Provincial Government, Hebei Steel, Shougang under the Beijing Municipal Government, the relationship between the two governments need more High-level administrative means to adjust. In addition, Shougang's management level and technical level is relatively high, while the river's steel volume and size are larger than Shougang, how the merger between the absorption, how the balance in the management, but also encountered in the merger process problem.
Earlier, according to financial reports, the State Council SASAC in August last week passed Baosteel, Wuhan Iron and Steel restructuring of the two major steel companies program, and in early September to the State Council. Baoshan Iron and Steel and Wuhan Iron and Steel shares will be merged through the convertible means.
According to Wall Street news had reported that on September 19, Baosteel announced that it intends to transfer 9.76% of the shares of Baosteel to three state-owned enterprises, namely Chengtong financial control, Guoxin investment, and the oil free transfer 2.45%, 2.45% And 4.86% of the Company's shares.
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